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Knitwear for Norwegian summers


In Norway we can wear wool all year around. Summerdays can be cold, and the wind strong and a bit freezing.

MountainTop Sweater is inspired by the Norwegian nature, with the triangle pattern resembling mountains. Our nature is beautiful, powerful and colorful – choose the colors you love the most for your MountainTop Sweater.

Pictures here are to inspire you ! Happy summer – whether you spend it surrounded by nature or in the city!

strikkeoppskrift genser barnfjelltoppgenserknitting pattern menstrikk til familieneasy knittingpattern womens sweateknit pattern kidskids knittingpattern sweaterstrikkeoppskrift genser barnknitted sweater kids patterneasy knittingpattern kids

strikkeoppskrift genser barnstrikkeoppskrift genser barn









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We love stripes!

women sweater colorful knitting pattern webshop


We love stripes! In our shop you can find a variety of sweaters with stripes and beautiful colors.

Easy knittingpatterns on big needles. Perfect for summer!  Some are available as knitting pattern as well as knitting kit with pattern and wool. In the kits you get the knittingpattern for free.

summerknit sweater women knitting pattern webshopknitting pattern sweater with stripesknitting pattern women stripes raglan

knitting pattern women stripes raglanknitting pattern sweater with stripesknitting pattern and yarn womens striped sweaterwomen sweater colorful knitting pattern webshop genser dame strikkeoppskrift

In our knitting kits you can choose colors, language and the size you prefer. If you have any questions or need help choosing colors – just write us a mail and we will help as best as we can.

Knitting kits : Knitting kits – Knitting pattern and wool

Contact us here


jubel sweater kidsknittingpattern kids raglan cardigan

Kniitingpattern womens knitknitting pattern womens sweater stripes jubel sweaterknitting pattern women sweater raglansleeves

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New painted kitchen walls

teak stol DIY kitchentable


Want some changes at home? Painting is a fast and fun way to give your walls or furniture a new look.

Our kitchen is white, and we used to have white walls. We were looking for a calm and colorful paint for the walls. After trying a blue-grey color, we were not quite happy, and landed on this beautiful peach color.

The color is supermatte, named “Blushing Peach”, from Jotun Lady. We painted 2 coats, and used a 3 liter can. Painted the floor list as well, but kept the top list  in white, as the ceiling is also white.

male kjøkken fersken farge

On the kitchen-side we kept it simple with clean walls.  We love to decorate with a lot of green plants.


All our chairs are old, from thriftshopping and secondhand.

The dark teak works well with the peach wallcolor.

upcycle teakchair

On the opposite wall we have posters and family photos, and a DIY cabinet we made ourselves, painted in blue.

wallpaint blushing peach

kitcheninspiration painting blushing peach


Lamp over kitchen table is from a dumpster outside a building area, another “upcycled” interior piece. From trash to treasure- we love it!

secondhand teak chair

blushing peach wallcolor


This cabinet is made from 2 old windows. Feet are from an old kitchen table. MDF board used in the back,

wooden boards on the sides and as shelves inside.  The blue paint is a mix form different blues we had in the house.

We love plants and cactuses!

So many different shapes and personalities! Perfect way to add some color to your home

plant home urban jungle

We also bought a light green color,also from Jotun Lady,  that works well with the peach wallcolor.

The plan is to paint some of the diningchairs.

Ready for spring!

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strikkeoppskrift fisk blekksprut


Lots of scrapyarn laying around? Wanting to make fun knitted toys and friends? Our new ocean friends knitting patterns are perfect! Includes three different patterns – two fishes and one octopus.

Find the pattern here : Ocean Friends Knitting Pattern

Use them for toys, interior decor, baby mobile or wallhanging.

As an example we made a wallhanging for kidsroom, or livingroom.

diy uro

You need:

Your cute knitted friends, thread, scizzors, a needle, wooden stick and some paint if you want to color the stick. We used acrylic paint on the side of this (available in most hobby shops).


Cut the threat in wanted lengths, and use a needle to pull in through the knitted toys. Tie it on top of the wooden stick, in different lengths. Use one thread for hanging, tie it on both side of the stick. Put a nail in the wall – and hang your beautiful DIY wallhanging on it!

A perfect one-of-a-kind art made by you! Perfect in the kidsrom or livingroom!


You can also put a “rattle soundmaker” inside and use for toys, for baby carriage or just interior details for example to hang on a door knob.

strikkeoppskirft fisk blekksprut

Have fun!

We love playing with patterns and colors – HipKnitshop.


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Old footstool made new with a cool dotty pillow case.

Bought an old footstool in teak from the markedplace for 50 nok. It was old and the fabric torn.

What a quickfix!  This is how to:

Take off old nails underneath, fabric and foam. Repleace with new foam and the fabric of your choosing. Use something you have around the house like an old curtain, cloth or as I did, a pillow case. It is also quick to change if you want a new look.

Trekke om krakk

Cut the foam in size of the stool. The fabric needs to be a bit longer so you can attach it underneath. Use a nail gun and tighten the fabric as you go.

Ta- daa! A pretty little footstool – one of a kind !


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A fun and easy diy!

For a dreamcatcher or walhanging.  Time : 10 minutes!

This is a simple version without much detail. You can also make beautiful versions with different colored yarns, use sticks and thread inside the hoop, SO many ways to make it fit in to your home. Perfect project to use up all your left over yarn .


You need:


One ball Chunky thick wool

Embroidery hoop

(Thread for hanging, or a nail)


1.Get all your stuff together. Paint the hoop white or keep in in trendy wood color.

2. Cut off threads, 50 cm long (about 25 cm long when folded and tied on hoop), 10 threads in one bundle, and tie the yarn on the hoop.

3. Tie on as mutch as you want.Here 8 pieces.

4. Use the scissor to even out the edges. Put a nail in your wall, and hang up your beautiful and simple DIY wallhanging. Fits perfectly in all nordic looking homes.


The wallhanging is made form one yarn ball in color “Cloudy dark grey blend” from hip wool


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Hello fall and winter – we are ready!


Hello fall and winter- we are ready!

Introducing new patterns these days, AND knitting kits.

We LOVE wool!

Now you can but it all together. New menu will be arriving shortly, for you to easier find and choose colors, sizes and fashion!

Find the new patterns/knitting kits here

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Edgar Octopus

Strikket blekksprut strikkeoppskrift barn

Strikket blekksprut strikkeoppskrift barnknitting pattern toys kids design kidsroomStrikket blekksprut strikkeoppskrift barn

Knitting Pattern Octopus

Our Hip Knitted Friends are growing! Meet the newest familymember Edgar. He is Olga´s cousin, and a bit improved from our previous pattern. He´s a artistic guy- and HOW lucky to have 6 arms keeping up with all his hobbies.

Pattern available in norwegian first- in english shortly. Fin him here – . 


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Festival Cardigan Pattern – Revision

knitting pattern womens cardigan sweater

Left and right front part ladies, decrease-  and stitch amount as pattern says, but erase the sentence “knit 9 rows without decreasing”.

Total is as pattern says, 36 rows.

Also the festival cardigan, men and women, you may need one extra yarn ball for the top color. This is corrected in PDF pattern, so the amount is correct 🙂

Hope this did not cause and major problems, and keep on knitting awesomeness!

Thank you 🙂

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New knittingpatterns – Parkenstrikk / Festivalknits

Knittingpattern , strikkeoppskrift PDF, Hip wool, Lola genser, festivaljakka , jubelstrikk, knit patterns , genser dame, herrejakke

Knittingpatterns coming within the next weeks: Festival jacket, Jubeltop , Jubel Tee, Lola sweater and AHA sweater. Lola and Festival jacket are made with Hip Wool. PDF patterns will be available in shop in both english and norwegian , together with a knitting booklet (norwegian).

strikkeoppskrifter parkenstrikk festivaljakka

jubelstrikk, parjkenstrikk, jubelgenser, jubeljakka, strikkeoppskrift

Knittingpattern , strikkeoppskrift PDF, Hip wool, Lola genser, festivaljakka , jubelstrikk, knit patterns , genser dame, herrejakke

Knittingpattern , strikkeoppskrift PDF, Hip wool, Lola genser, festivaljakka , jubelstrikk, knit patterns , genser dame, herrejakke










Knittingpattern , strikkeoppskrift PDF, Hip wool, Lola genser, festivaljakka , jubelstrikk, knit patterns , genser dame, herrejakke

Parkenstrikk, Knittingpattern , strikkeoppskrift PDF, Hip wool, festival jacket, strikkeoppskrift dame

Find patterns here. Most of them are available in both english pattern and norwegian.






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jubelgenser hvit og grå

Knittingpattern jubelgenser

Chic and Hip!

This sweater will look awesome with your summer skirts and jeans. Knit it in your favorite color. A must have also for a summer wardrobe.

Using snowflake white and cloudy grey Hip Wool.

This cutie, and more knittingpatterns coming in may- stay tuned!

Springfashion, knit it yourself! Patterns will be fast, fun and easy.


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Knitting, wool and handmade friends !

So happy to finally have our own website, and as you can see here we  LOVE everything with wool !

yarn – yes please! Delicious colors and yarn that is easy to knit with.  Perfect for all kind of projects, from knitted accessories to jackets and sweaters. It´s 100 % wool – we like it all natural.

Keep your knitting needles ready – We will work on getting more knitting patterns for you to choose from , just pop by us and see what we are up too.  We are hoping to offer awesome knitting kits!

Knitting patterns – HipKnitShop loves Do It Yourself! Both fashion and our knitted friends you can make yourself.  For all the fashion patterns you find here, we use Hip Wool.

All our knitted plush toy friends are made from fine alpaca yarn , usually needlesize 2,5 or 3.

Friends – We are so happy to offer you handmade unique dolls, friends and pillows.  Produced after fair trade principles, by very talented knitters. They love to snuggle and hang out with kids and kidsroom, but also for homedecor and keeping you company in the livingroom.


In our inspiration posts we will give DIY tip, with focusing on renewing, upcycling, yarn – and knitting projects and kidsroom. Ideas and inspiration for your nursery, girls- or boysroom.

Our creator daily inspires people with decorating and upcycling projects on instagram ( @knipsarina). Here some of them will be shared in whole, from start to finish!

Any wishes? please let us know!


You can also find us on facebook  , HipKnitShop fbLogoInstagramLogo

And on instagram , @hipknitshop @hipwool

Show us your friends and knitting procjects ; the hastags we use on Instagam are most commonly : #HipKnitShop , #HipKnitFriends , #HipWool , #MakeYourOwnFashion and #HipKnitter



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Garn, strikkavenner og strikkeoppskrifter. 

Hurra ! Endelig er nettsiden oppe og går, og som du kan se her så elsker vi elsker alt som har å gjøre med garn og ull!

Garn – ja takk! Deilige farger og garn som er lett å strikke med. Perfekt for mange prosjekter, fra strikket tilbehør til jakker og gensere av alle slag. Garnet er 100% ull – deilig mykt, fluffy og lettstrikka.

Hold strikkepinner klare – Vi jobber stadig med nye prosjekter og strikkeoppskrifter. Bare stikk innom oss og se hva vi holder på med, stadig noe nytt.

Garnpakker– Ved kjøp av garn til strikkeoppskrift får du oppskrift med på kjøpet gratis. Skriv en kommentar i bestillingsfeltet på hvilken oppskrift du ønsker. Dette gjelder ved kjøp av garnmengde oppgitt i den aktuelle oppskriften, sammensetning og farger velger du selv.

Strikkeoppskrifter – HipKnitShop elsker “Gjør det selv” / DIY ! Vi har strikkemønster både på klær og strikkevennene.  Alle mønster på plagg du finner her, har vi strikket i Hip Wool.

Alle våre strikkavenner er laget i fin/baby alpakka garn, og strikkes med pinnestr 2,5 eller 3.

Strikkavenner – Håndstrikkede unike dukker, venner og puter. Produsert etter fair trade-prinsipper, av svært dyktige strikkere. De elsker å kose og henge sammen med både små og store. Trives like godt på banerommet som i sofakroken i stua.

I våre inspirasjonsinnlegg vil vi dele DIY tips, med fokus på interiør, gjenbruk, garn – og strikkeprosjekter og barnerom. Ideer og inspirasjon for barnerom, både jente – og gutterom, samt generelle interiørtips til hjemmet.

Vår designer inspirerer med forskjellige prosjekter, både med interiør, og strikkeprosjekter på instagram (@knipsarina). Her vil vi dele noen av dem i sin helhet, fra start til slutt!

Noen ønsker? Skriv oss en mail og kom med tips!

Du kan også finne oss på facebook   fbLogo

Og på instagram  @hipknitshop @hipwool

Del dine prosjekter med oss; #HipKnitShop, #HipKnitFriends, #HipWool, #MakeYourOwnFashion og #HipKnitter