Handmade Toys

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Inspired by kids and their wonderful world of creativity and imagination. The products are soft, cool and fun. Colorful and fresh. Awesome unique personality and abilities. Everybody needs a friend.

Handmade in alpaca wool, one of the world´s finest natural fibers. Heavenly soft, durable and washable – perfect for snuggling and decorating.

Our knitters have a long tradition with both needlework and embroidery. They put a lot of work into to every product. All of our friends and pillows are handknitted and therefore unique and one-of-a-kind.

Produced after Fair Trade Principles.

We work together with small self-employed families and workshops based in Peru. Our goal is to make and sell products that carry a high human value.

Some details are completed by the designer herself in Norway. The designer and creator is Catharina Ilstad, mother of two boys, who inspire her every day.

You will also find ONE-of-a-kind items now and then, made in Norway by Hipknitshop’s designer. Friends and pillows are 100% alpaca, free of toxins and chemicals. Filled with 100% polyester. Allergy-friendly and non-flammable. Tested and CE – approved.

The idea behind HipKnitShop is to give toys personality and be fun, as well as a educational and soft friend for kids. Children easily get attatched and fond of their toys. They interact, and learn about life when talking and listening and having conversations with them,and about feelings, amongst others.

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