Meadow jacket kit

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Flower meadows and strawberry fields- a knitting pattern for swirling around!

This beautiful jacket with frills/flounce are knitted in 2 threads.  1 thread Hip Wool, and 1 thread Hip mohair.  A little luxury!

Meadow jacket comes in 3 sizes. Model wearing size M in cocnut white and Cotton ball white, S in Dusty candyfloss pink, and size L/XL in Yummy Honey yellow.

Pattern language: Norwegian or english.



S (M) L/XL

Length: 58 (61) 66 cm

Lenght frill : 23 (24) 27,5 cm

Width : 108 (118) 126 cm

Arm: 36 (37) 38 cm



S – 9 balls Hip Wool, 5 balls Mohair

(M) – 10 balls Hip Wool 6 balls Mohair

L/XL – 11 balls Hip Wool 6 balls Mohair

(included in kit).


Gauge : 12 stitches = 10 cm


Needlesize 8 mm

Level: Intermediate / middle trained

Needles not included in kit! Knitting pattern will be sent in mail together with the kit.

Additional information

Color Hip Wool

coconut-white, dancing-snowflake-white, coconut-white, biscotti, cream, dusty-candyfloss-pink, strawberry-milkshake, baby-unicorn-hipwool, pink-kiss, power-puff-pink, im-blushing, hubba-bubba-pink, flamingo-pink-hipwool, Flamingo-fever, very-berry-red, runway-red, rhubarb-red, merlot-please, lavender, perfect-purple-2, grape-smoothie, la-vida-lilac, spin-around-violet, orchid-oasis, wild-plum, tutti-frutti-yarn, lime-yellow, summervibes-yellow, yummy-honey-yellow, honey-dream-2, just-peachy-2, papaya-passion, moody-mandarin, on-fire-orange-hip-wool, kiwi-hip-wool, sweet-caramel-brown, candyland-green, meadow-green, jelly-bean-green-hip-wool, apple-green, iceberg, summer-rain, modest-mint, marry-me-mint, pale-blue, peacock-hip-wool, holiday-feeling, bestfriend-blue, hawaii-blue-yarn, falling-for-you-blue, hey-sailor-blue, blue-waves-yarn, petrol-blue-2, midnight-mood-blue, dusty-green, new-magic-forest, avocado-sandwich, olive-branch, dark-olive-green, milk-and-cookies-hip-wool, cookie-dough-light-brown, cookies-and-cream, cinnamon-brown-blend, teddybear-brown-hipwool, chocolate-crush-brown-blend, gingerbread-brown, mocca-ice-cream, foxy-grey-hip-wool, foggy-light-grey-blend, cloudy-dark-grey-blend, groovy-dark-grey, licorice-love


S, M, L/XL

Color Hip Mohair

cotton-ball-white-mohair, cotton-ball-white-mohair, latte-lover-hip-mohair, vanilla-hip-mohair, golden-sand-hip-mohair, lemonade-mohair, here-comes-the-sun, honey-dream-mohair, just-peachy-mohair, im-blushing-mohair, oh-la-la-orange, candyfloss, fairytale-pink-hip-mohair, in-love-pink-hip-mohair, raspberry-pink, bubblegum-mohair, lipstic-red-hip-mohair, perfect-purple-mohair, blooming-lilac-hip-mohair, purple-nights-hip-mohair, grape-kiss-mohair, grape-smoothie-mohair, hey-foxy-grey-mohair, minty-breeze-mohair, holiday-sky-mohair, bestfriend-blue-mohair, bubbly-blue, petrol-blue-mohair, seaside-blue-mohair, shadow-blue-hip-mohair, must-have-mint-hipmohair, tropical-island-green-mohair, jelly-bean-green-hip-mohair, magic-forest-mohair, pine-forest-green-mohair, Dark-olive-green-mohair, emerald-green-mohair, cappuccino, nougat-hip-mohair, caramel-fudge-brown-mohair, chestnut-brown-mohair, chocolate-mousse-mohair, berrylicious-red-mohair, Ruby-red-mohair, Black-is-back-mohair

Pattern language

Norwegian, english


Cardigan jackets


Norwegian, English



Suitable for


Yarn type

Hip Wool